Myopia Control

Have you noticed an increase in your child’s vision at every eye exam?

Recent research shows that since 1971 the number of people that are nearsighted or myopic has increased by 61%. This has become a major health concern for our children. Increased myopia leads to an increased risk of glaucoma, cataracts, and retinal detachment. This does not mean we must accept the as a future we have no control over. Many options have emerged from current and ongoing research.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)

Ortho-K has many benefits as it provides freedom from eyeglasses and daytime contact lenses. It can be especially helpful for people suffering from dryness and itching from daytime contact lens wear.

In addition, swimmers, runners, and other athletes love the stability of the vision without worrying about losing contact lenses.

One of the great things is that it is non-surgical and is fully reversible if you choose to stop the treatment.

One of the most notable things about Ortho-K is its ability to slow down the progression of nearsightedness or myopia. Multiple studies have shown that the unique ability of Ortho-K lenses to create a specific type of focus not offered with eyeglasses can slow down the yearly increase in children nearsightedness.

If you have noticed your child’s prescription increasing year after year, Ortho-K may offer a solution to that progression.

Orthokeratology was first used in vision correction in the 1960s. As technological breakthroughs have continued to evolve the science of Orthokeratology it has come to be known by many different names.

Orthokeratology is also known as Ortho-K, Corneal Refractive Therapy or CRT, Vision Shaping Technology or VST, Accelerated Orthokeratology or AOK, Gentle Vision Shaping System or GVSS, Overnight Corneal Reshaping or OCR, and Gentle molding.

Although slight differences may exist in the systems, don’t be confused as they all fall under the Orthokeratology umbrella.

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NiteVision Ortho-K System

Eyecare Elements proudly provides the NiteVision Ortho-K System to our Orthokeratology patients.

Is Ortho-K a good solution for you? Schedule a comprehensive evaluation for a personalized assessment.

Atropine Drops

Atropine is a prescription medication that has been widely used in the treatment of myopia.

While typically atropine is used in eye care to dilate the pupil, the use of a diluted concentration of atropine has been used for years in many Asian countries.

At a diluted amount, the side effects of the medication are unlikely yet there has not been any loss of effectiveness of the myopia control.

Multifocal Soft Lenses

Specially and specifically designed daytime wear soft lenses have been shown to slow down the progression of nearsightedness.

The doctors at Eyecare Elements have been trained in the fitting and health evaluation of special lens designed to create a specific type of focus. This focus mimics the focus created with Ortho-K treatment.

While this system requires the wear of lenses during daytime hours it has proven to slow down the progression of myopia.

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